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print MAIL in HTML

Date: 2002/03/19 14:16

I am using a cgi script to handle a form. I have altered the script to
produce a contract as a heading in the resulting email. My problem is that
I want to alter the text in the resulting email by converting it into HTML
so I can control the font and size of the text. I have tried to add HTML
tags but they too are reproduced in the resulting email, rather than
printing out the text in the desired font and size. Can this be corrected?
I believe it to be a simple problem but I can't seem to solve it myself.


the issue can be corrected for sure, as this is just a matter of
programming what is sent to the screen (browser) and what is sent to the
client email. It seems that the script you are talking about uses the same

Unfortunately not knowing the script I can not tell you how to alter that
not to send out the HTML code to the eMail address.


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