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E~Card Layout Option

Date: 2002/03/18 16:58

I have an ecards web~site at:

It uses a .cgi script, which I have customised extensively to include
stamps and layout etc, to produce the final e~card. What I want to do is
to give the user the option to have 2 different layouts to choose from.

The two layouts would include other form fields options and I am not sure
how to go about this within the cgi script. I have added a form field
called layout but don't know how to include the other customizable fields
in it.

I will forward you the two layout options on separate cgi scripts if you
wish to see them and as I am familiar with editing cgi scripts I can
implement instructions I just can't get to grips with this one.

I have a setup an ecard test page so you can see what I want to achieve
which has a JS function but it doesn't work it won't submit. At first I
thought that JS was the way to achieve this but I am not sure what I have
done wrong really. You can find this on:

If you need to see the code just go the above url and take a look or if
you need any further information you can email me on:

Wonder if you can help me? Maybe it's not JavaScript I need I am just not
too sure. Maybe I could alter the cgi to read the choice?

I much appreciate your help as I am an expert volunteer too but for the
html experts, so I know what it's like to give your time to helping


I think that this is something to reach with CGI script. However such a
modification requires deep understanding of the Perl or PHP script that
runs on the server.

You can in the script first check the type of the layout and depending on
that the different cgi parameters. You may need two scripts: one letting
the user choose a layout and displaying a page to specify the layout
dependant other parameters and one displaying the card.


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