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Script not being called

Date: 2002/03/18 16:40

Dear Sir/Madam,

i have written a html script which will ask for a user name.
I type the username and say submit the form then there is a error.

Now the actual html script is in /usr/local/apache/htdocs on my domain
which i have configured throught cuteftp trial version.

Same way my perl script is in /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin.

When i right click on html script and say execute it runs properly asking
for the name and on entering the name and when i click on submit the form
i get a error saying "CANNOT OPEN THE INTERNET SITE
C:\USR\LOCAL\APACHE\CGI-BIN\GREETING.PL.It is searching for a script in my
local hard disk rather than internet!

Is there any error in my configuring ftp ?

Initially i created the script of greeting.pl on my hard disk and now it
want to run it from /USR/LOCAL/APACHE/CGI-BIN.

And greeting.pl is called in html script using the code FORM

I have started only programming html for the last one week and absoloutely
new to perl and iam writing scripts given as examples in books and see how
it works.

Can you help me ?

if so your help will be acknowledged with thanks.



Ps:- i am working on windows nt server or a win 95 os machine.

When you have a form action="/cgi-script/greeting.pl" the browser uses an
URL that is relative toi the current one. If the current file was opened
from the hard disk, the browser will try to open the file

This is not what you want. You should open the HTML file specifying the
URL on the server where you uploaded the HTML file.

Take care of textual upload, lower case file names in the HTML file and
many other issues.


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