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Unlink cannot delete my files....

Date: 2002/03/18 11:36

Dear sir,
I m really confused why my perl code is not deleting files from a
directory. I a, using a script which sends email with attachments, so at
first it uploads the attached files in a folder name "uploaded". Then
after sending the email, i wish to clean up the folder but it is not
deleting the files, I have cheked the directory path...eveyrthing is ok.
Moreover, I am not getting any Internal Server Error, it seems that my
script has deleted the files, but when i check that folder using FTP, I
see that ,still the files are there.

In view of the fact mentioned above, would you be kind enough to help me
finding out the problem..

Thanks and regards,

I have attached the sub routine which deletes the files.
I have set permission 777 in that uploaded folder. Moreover, I have placed
a print statement for debugging purpose just before the line which
contains unlink statement. And i see that it is printing correctly. So
whats the problem...i can't find out.

sub mail_sent {
# mail has been sent, so lets clean up (delete temp attachments etc...)
open(CF, "attach.txt");
@all = <CF>;
for ($i = 0; $i<=$#all; $i++) {
print qq[\n DELETING : $upload_dir/$all[$i]];
unlink "$upload_dir/$all[$i]" ;
print DATAFILE ""; # set file to 0
print DATAFILE ""; # set file to 0
print "Your email has been sent.";

I do not know what is contained in the file attach.txt, but I assume that
there are several file names. However I doubt that your real file names
end with a \n in the directory. On the other hand $all[$i] most probably

chomp @all;

after reading the array.


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