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CGI on Tripod.Ca

Date: 2002/03/16 12:04

Hi Peter, thank-you for your time in this matter.
I'm trying to run the "Bignosebird" cardcgi V 2.0 on the Tripod.ca
freeserver. I've used their upload service for the cgi and I've ftp'd the
cgi to the cgi-bin directory. Neither one of them worked. Oh, the cgi is
there, it's just not doing what it should. Hmmmm, could it be that their
javascripted pop-up ads are interfering with the cgi? and of course I
can't/don't know how to set the site's "directory permissions variables".
Did that make any sense? Well here's what's happening. I've got the
card.html all setup with a test picture to choose from, you fill in all
the forms, hit preview and Tripod comes up with a very polite "404". I'm
going to assume that the cardcgi can't be found and now I'm a totally
frustrated granma! I've emailed Tripod for help but they seem to be
ignoring me, either that or they have no idea what I'm talking about and
can't help me. Here's the addy, if your curious:
So that's it.....and I'll keep plugging away at it until I hear from you.
Thanks again Peter.


If the server gives you error 404, it means that the file is not there
where it expects it to be, or the other way around the URL you use to
reach the file is not correct. (Altough these two are essentially the two
sides of the same cow.)

I could hardly believe that their javascript pop-up ads interfere with the
CGI because that would not cause 404 error and also because many of their
customers use these scripts and most of the customers can not be unhappy,
they would have solved the issue already.

Altough this time it is not the permission that matters, I tell you that
setting the permission can be done via most of the FTP windows clients. I
myself use securefx sometime to upload files to some servers and the file
properties box gives a nice checkbox style permission setting possibility.


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