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Environment Variable

Date: 2002/03/15 13:42

Basically, I'm going to have a web page that has 2 links on it that look
somewhat like this:


Do you have any idea how I can get a separate response for each action
link? Just so you know, in the end I want action 1 to arrange my
guestbook by day, and action 2 to arrange it by month. I'm just hoping I
don't need 2 separate PERL scripts in order to do this. Thank you for
your time. =)
Well, this is quite standard if you know how to program the CGI scripts.
You can get the value of the CGI parameter "action" from the environment
variable QUERY_STRING. But I recommend that you use cgi-lib.pl to get the
variable. Based on the value your program should behave different.


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