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File I/o performance

Date: 2002/03/14 11:41

HI. I am currently working on my final year project which involves writing
a packet sniffer that also logs relevant information in a log file. The
problem is, I am using standard C routines to log these information, and
these file i/o operations are causing the sniffer drop a significant
number of packets. My supervisor suggested allocating memory and a
contigous disk space and then doing dma transfers when necessary. I have
no idea how to achieve this and was wondering if you know of any avaliable
libraries/routines that would help? I am using Linux as my platform and
gcc/g++ as the compiler. I thank you in advance for any help/suggestions
that you may provide. Cheers!


download the source tarball and use the asynchronous logger module
implemented in logger.c


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