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CGI Script help...

Date: 2002/03/14 11:39

Hello Peter!
I would be so grateful if you could help me out with my problem asap as I
have a client waiting on me to finish my work..
Here is the problem, no one seems to be able to know the answer..
I am using a CGI script for forms from a website called 'Big Nose
Bird'(you may know of it. The name of the form is 'BNBFORM All-In-One Form
Processing Script'), and it has worked perfectly with every form i have
ever done. But now, i have a customer that has a 'secure order form' and
wants me to use a new script with it(i did not design the website, i am
just fixing up the forms) Well, im doing everything as normal, but it
just will not work.
This is what im thinking is wrong (and yet when i explain this to someone
else they dont seem to know what im talking about)...
The link for the secure order form has a long address that is different
from the rest of the website (for instance, the name of the website is
www.tuscanyonthames.co.nz but the link for the secure form says
My thinking is that this new CGI script that I want to use is supposed to
be sent to another server with different ftp information and not just the
local CGI bin on their website. I have put it in the CGI bin, and also I
have put the page in the folder on the server called 'secure-server', but
something tells me that this long strange address for the form is another
place that the script should be going to. I have no idea if i am right or
not, but nothing else is working and it seems to be the only logical
answer to me right now, but if i am correct i have no idea what to do. And
are these forms used differently when they are used with secure servers?
If you can understand what im explaining and can offer any advice on what
i should do, i would be ever so grateful.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
www.tuscanyonthames.co.nz has the IP address

okeanos.hmdns.net has the IP address

This suggests that the two web servers are two different machines. However
this is not for sure. There are reasons to have two or even more IP
numbers for the same server. It may have happened that the system manager
of the machine configured the secure server to listen on a different IP
number even if the machine is the same.

As I look at the URL https://okeanos.hmdns.net/~tuscany/ i get more sure
that the two IP numbers belong to the same machine. Thus: putting the CGI
files into the directory secure-server should work.

The only thing that you have to be aware and maybe configure different is
that the script runs on a different URL than the HTML form and thus both
the form and the CGI script should refer to each other and to the result
page with absolute URL.

Other than that there is no difference between writing CGI script for
secure page.


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