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Date: 2002/03/13 09:45

I am having problems with a cgi script that I have to make. Its on
checkboxes. I have to make up a cgi script for a question type sheet.
after they answer the questions by checking the boxes then they will enter
the information.
This is a large project that 7 of us is working on and we all have 2
sections to work out then the enter we want it to save till the end of the
rather long form.

the cgi script and the html script isn't coming up with anything. The html
is going great but it isn't connecting right with the cgi.

Can you help me? I am a new cgi student attending a college for web design
and this is really becoming hard for me to grasp. I guess more classes!

Thank you for your help
Dear Char,

answering your question: yes I can help. Give me specific questions and I
will answer my best.

I doubt that your project is "large". In my reading a project is large
where more than 50 men/women works on and the source code text reaches the
magnitude of 10MByte.


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