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Help with CGI! Confused!

Date: 2002/03/13 09:42

I am using CGI/Perl. I have an HTML page created that involves using
checkboxes. With these checkboxes I would like to use a submit button to,
at the end, create a seperate printable page of what they have selected.
I have tried to get the HTML and CGI scripts to work but am having no
luck. I need a CGI script that will work for this. You can view the HTML
at http://crux.baker.edu/jritte05. Thank you very much for the help, I
appreciate it alot.

getting the result is no matter of luck, but rather experience and
knowledge. Unfortunately I am not in a position in this service to write
such a program for you. If you get along and try but have specific errors
and questions, I will be happy to answer.


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