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standard format or tag (compatibility for all monitor sizes)

Date: 2002/03/13 09:26

Hi there,
I'd really appreciate your help. I built my own website over 6 years ago
with the limited technology that existed at the time... I'm updating it
now to help myself find a job cause I'm getting desperate here...
Unfortunately my HTML skills have not been updated or improved since... as
you can obviously tell by visiting : www.sonicritual.com

point 1 The backgrounds/graphics/images are all my own creation and are meant,
very specifically to put the viewer in that particualr mood while they

point 2 I know the format and fonts stink because I've built it (with my old and
minimal skills) to fit my small size monitor and have no idea why and how
the fonts change and look on others' screens. I've seen them a few times
on larger monitors with different fonts and it looks like SHIT !

a) is there a user friendly HTML software out there now that I can use OR
a caption (within the current format) that I can add, to keep my
backgrounds and formats the same and my fonts standardized, so that they
change and are compatible with every viewing capacity out there ?

b) if not, is there a way that I can do this and still keep my fonts,
formats and backgrounds the same ?

c) an absolute last resort (rebuilding the whole 25+ pages) :
If there is no way and no software, can you suggest another software that
might be user friendly enough for me (with my pathetic skills) to change
the whole darn thing and at least keep it similar to what I've got ?

If you could take a look at my site and let me know what you think, I'd be
SO grateful.
Thank you !


First of all I thank you for the trust asking me. However you ask
questions that are out of my main skills. I am not an HTML or rather
graphics expert.

Thus I would like to state that all the advices that I give here are just
that of an experienced but non-expert.

In my humble opinion the web page looks great. The page is small in number
of bytes, looks great on my IE6.0 with 1280x1024 screen and is easy to
navigate (for me). If ever you edit an HTML page with some wysiwyg tool
you will get larger page sizes.

Before deciding how to redesing your page you have to answer the following
questions (to yourself):

1. What is the main aim of the web page. How will the web page help me
(you) reach the goal.

2. Who are going to be the viewers? What is (probably as you can not know
for sure) their preference? Do they prefer blinky, colourful, sparkling
pages, or coincise, tempered, small, and easy to navigate pages. What time
do you expect them to stay there.

3. How often do you want to change the content of the page? Should later
there be some database backed content there or will it ever be just static

Depending on the answers you may end up not changing the design.

If you decide to change the pages yourself I can recommend that you use
some simple tools, like DreamWeaver. Even though if you can afford I also
recommend that you have a designer to design the pages and let him/her
generate the templates for you and all you need to do is to fill in the
content. If you need a designer relatively cheap, I can recommend
szollo@mail.index.hu who I know from their work. (I do not get any money
from them if you two make a deal, just to ensure you that this is not an
advertisement like offering on my side. However I know they are reliable
and work on Hungarian price/hour.)


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