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About libraries

Date: 2002/03/12 11:47


i am novice in programming.I am using gcc for programming but right now i
am at KG stage.Do u suggest some guideline that will helpfull for me to
been efficient programmer.

Dear Rohen,

I do not know what is KG stage, and thus I do not know what specific that
means. Ansering such a general question such as how to become "efficient"
is quite hard or even impossible.

Please ask some more specific question and I will be happy to answer.


Hello Sir

Thank for ur response. I am telling you what are the problems.

I want to use c to generate application but i dont know how to use
graphics,report writing & printing,making portable programme,connecting
database through c.Though the litreature are available for Turbo C or
Borlnd C but when it comes to unix/linux i don't where to find litreture.
so can u put some light on it?. If u r going to suggest some libraries
kindly mention name of it.



I do not know if there is such a tutorial that talks about all these
things in a single tutorial.

Regarding SQL access, you have to consult the documentation of the SQL
server application. I recomment MySQL, which is simple enough and you can
get an easy start.

Printing I have never done that before. I allways generated some HTML, TeX
or other format that some tools could format to PostScript and send to
printer by some system specific tool. I never developed printing directly.

Regarding graphics, you should search for X-Window tutorials.


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