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Re: Perl Shutting Down

Date: 2002/03/12 09:38

Hello, I have a perl command line interperator for Windows XP. Active
Perl. And when I run my scripts, perl opens up for about 1 sec. I can see
my text, and then the window closes. Do you have any idea on how I can
keep the window open? Thank you very much for all your time. *NAME-DELETED*
Open a command line pressing the start button, then select menu "Run" and
type "cmd" and Enter. At the command prompt type:

c:\>perl c:\myprogram.pl

where the c:\myprogram.pl is the name of the Perl script you want to
execute including the full path to the file. The program will run and the
window will remain open.

When you click on the .pl file in the explorer the Perl interpreter is
started, runs and when finishes the command window associated to it
closes. You can also end the program with the Perl program lines:

print "Press enter...\n";

This will print the line and wait for a line typed from the keyboard
terminated by enter.


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