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Perl graphing module

Date: 2002/03/06 12:01

Hi Peter,
Let me first remark on what a great resource this is! I never
knew it existed till a friend told me about it. Anyway, I'm trying to find
a perl module that reads data in csv format directly from a text file (NOT
off Excel). From there I want to graph the data(numerical) on a webpage.
I know there exists many modules used to graph data but I don't know which
one to use. I'm using a CGI script to display this info on the screen in
numerical form but I think the graph would be better. Thanking you in

I'm using Perl version 5.005_03 built for AIX.
Unfortunately I do not know any such module. I recommend that you search
the CPAN archive at http://www.cpan.org/ for modules.


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