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cgi form to database

Date: 2002/03/05 09:17

Hi Peter,
Im a geography intern at the USGS in Menlo Park, CA, ive been asked to
work on a small task that has previously been completely out of my realm
of experience.
my question is: I've created an online registration form, I don't really
know anything about writing in Perl, I know a little about how cgis work
from research on the web but im confused about whether my cgi will work
for what i need. i want the form information submitted to a database,
without cutting and pasting from individual text files. It seems that all
the cgi scripts ive looked at on the web are unclear about this feature.
I've seen scripts that write to a flatfile database, but im not sure what
this is, and the ones i've looked at seem difficult to configure. Mabey if
you knew of a script that would do this, is easy to install, and comes
with easy directions, that would be great!!!the key word here is easy.

I do have a scipt that i've installed in my form, not on my server yet,
it's been easy to use but only creates the individual text output files.
Mabey this would be ok if I could automate the text file to database

Any ideas, directions, or jokes at my expence are ok. thanks
P.S. MS FrontPage,UNIX server,
This is a bit contradiction. You want to access SQL database, and want it
easy. Although many say that using SQL is simple, I would rather argue. It
is for me or for an expert in the field, but not for novice programmers.

All the freely available scritps are using flat text files, because they
want to be simple.

Summary: there is no easy way, as usually. You really have to learn the
profession to make good quality job. I can recommend web sites tutorials.


is a good tutorial on SQL. You can use Perl, MySQL. To learn Perl you can
listen to my audio tutorials at


You can also consider other languages that may be easier to learn, like
PHP? Python or ScriptBasic.


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