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Date: 2002/03/04 12:20


I'm creating the web interface for an application.

1) My CgI script uses the Background procedure, but this procedure is not
found and I get an error. I want to know from where I can get this
Background.pm and where and how should I place it in the sun solaris
machine that I'm using.
2) The script is not creating one of the files it should be, I checked the
permissions for the directory too.

Thank You

1. There is a package for Perl called background, but I have never heard
of that before. I checked it on the web, but could only find RPM Package
for it, which is certainly not suitable for Solaris. I can recommend that
you search the CPAN archive and try to get the source and recompile the
package if you really really needed. However I recommend that you try to
solve the issue with a more standard package.

2. All I can say is that there should certainly be an error. However
without knowing the symptoms, not seeing the source code I can not say any
more specific than that you alredy know: there is some programming bug in
your code.


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