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Problem with cgi script via TEMP folders?

Date: 2002/03/04 12:15

I am trying to find the correct path for a "temp" folder for the script
to work.
Below is an example:

$no_template_name = "index"; # template to be displayed if none
specified - html will be added to the name
$no_personalid = "1000"; # affiliate ID used if none specified
$template_directory = "/home/acornpublications/www/temp"; # full path to
template pages - put in cgi-bin directory if possible

We are trying to put this on our site www.acornpublications.co.uk
Please can you tell us if the above "/home/acornpublications/www/temp"; is
I enclose details of our host website for cgi scripts could you please
have a look and let us know what we are doing wrong?

Craig Watson

I presume that this is not correct. According to the hints in the comment
(full path to template pages - put in cgi-bin directory if possible) and
to the directions given on the web page for hosting users.

You should have a Connection User ID, like sr00112XY where X and Y are two
digits. You have to create a directory under the directory
/freeola/users/Y/X/sr00112XY and use that as a path to temporary


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