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cgi password

Date: 2002/03/03 19:27

I currently have a website that I wish to password protect. I have access
to a cgi-bin that I can run any scripts in. I am looking for an easy to
install script that will allow me to have many usernames and passwords. I
do not know anything about installing cgi (I am a real dummy) Most of the
password scripts I have downloaded I have not a clue how to use. Please
could you help? (I am a real beginner, I need very basic instructions)

Thanks David


I assume that the easiest way is to setup, if possible some Apache
built-in password requiring mechanism. Ask the system managers. In that
case all you need is to place some .htaccess files in the directories.

If that is not possible then you have to write CGI scripts that deliver
the content of the html pages after checking password. I do not know any
readily available script for the purpose, however.


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