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Date: 2002/03/02 20:07

Hi There,
I'm currently studying Computer Science at the University of Cardiff,
Wales in the United Kingdom. For one of our modules I have been given the
task of creating a web based library system that is capable of allowing
any user to log on, search for books, renew books they have on loan etc.
We have been given the choice of using any programming language but so far
I have only dabbled in PERL and Java so I'm not really sure at all in
which way I should be tackling this question. I would really appreciate
it if you would be able to recommend a language that I should use which is
easy to learn and would be able to achieve these tasks as well as maybe a
useful Internet site or a specific book.

Many thanks in taking the time to help me out. I have done quite a bit of
searching across the .Net but have found very little that seems to be able
to help me!

Kindest regards



First of all thank you for your trust and teaching me the word "dabble". I
always like to "talk" to English people who can speak English as opposed
to american, who usually can not. (neither I by the way)

I have to admit that I have not worked with Java ever. I only led project
as technical project manage (actually as CIO of the firm) that used Java.
I know what Java and Perl are and as an expert I can recommend them for

If you intend to learn what web servers are, how web works, and want a
project aiming your increased knowledge then I recommend Perl. To get a
jumpstart visit


and listen to the tutorials. You can get fairly far with Perl and you can
get there faster than with Java.

On the other hand Java is a more structured, more object oriented
language. If you intend to have a larger project where several people work
together, define the scopes of the different subtasks, define clear
interfaces, want to use readily available Java packages: use Java. You
will get farther with Java in terms of project size and functions, and
most probably you can get higher performance as well. (With 1G mem, 800MHz
Xeon, SCSI disks, MySQL you can get 1million page views served by Perl, so
this scalability issue is really for heavy load sites).

By the way: you can try ScriptBasic for CGI programming if you do not
mind. The simplest the learn cgi programming language.


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