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Date: 2002/03/02 19:47

Hi Peter,

I have the problems of set up the variables of the perl script. I'll show
you my problem.
* Here is a variables for my guestbook.pl
$guestbookurl = "http://unix2.sjcc.cc.ca.us/lam/guestbook/guestbook.html";
$guestbookreal = "/home/lam/guestbook/guestbook.html";
$guestlog = "/home/lam/guestbook/guestlog.html";
$cgiurl = "http://unix2.sjcc.cc.ca.us/lam/cgi-bin/guestbook.pl";
$date_command = "usr/bin/date";
* $guestbookreal and $guestlog are the location of my guestbook.html and
guestlog.html and I am not sure that I set these variables correctly.
* When i submit the query of the guestbook form and the next page display
- 405 Method not allowed ( the requested nmethod POST is not allowed for
the URL /lam/cgi-bin/guestbook.pl )

Could you please tell me how to fix my problem.

Best regard,


this is not an issue that you can solve yourself. You should contact the
system administrator, because this issue comes from the web server
configuration. They however configured their server correctly I assume.
The issue is that you are most probably supposed to store your cgi
programs in a different directory.


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