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path to cgi

Date: 2002/06/04 16:15

I have downloaded a cgi script and am trying to install it but the exact
"path" to cgi is driving me crazy.. I have the URL but on my server it has
so many different items after typing in:
domain.nerfirms.com/cgi/printenv in my browser it comes up with...
I have just completed my website.

www.homesteadservice.com and you will see on the front page what program I
am trying to set up.

BNB's Nomodomo (news letter Subscribing)downloaded from Bignosebird.com

In doc from netfirms, it says full path to cgi-bin
"$env{'document_root'}/cgi-bin" is this it?

the servier software is apache/1.3.20 (unix)


The path to the root document is given in the environment variable. In
case the cgi directory is named 'cgi-bin' then the answer is yes. However
the cgi directory can be named any name.


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