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callback function in C

Date: 2002/02/28 16:17


I don't clearly understand using callback functions. I know what function
pointer is but I don't know usage. I am actually analyzing source codes,
where registering event-handlers, handler, callback functions and so on
are being used.

Can you give me simple compile available example, which shows how to
register functions, how to use that registerd-event handlers and how
callback is working? Please gime me that example I can fully get the
concepts and usage.

Thanks in advance.


I do not have time to develop an easy to learn example for you. There are
heavy use of callback functions and function pointers in the source of the
program ScriptBasic that I developed. This is well documented and
commented source code. On the other hand that is really a huge piece of
software to learn from. Try to read that. That is the best I can offer at
the moment.


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