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Date: 2002/02/27 10:50

i can't run cgi from my server (free webspace on mindspring). I'm using
the bignosebird guestbook cgi script. I've modified the script and placed
the cgi on a friend's server. The problem is that the script seems to
stop when looking for the guestbook.html file that is located on my
server, not his. I've found a way to direct from my server to the cgi on
another server, but can't figure out how to make the script write to the
html doc back on my server. Is this a limit of the cgi? Should I just
suck it up and get real web-hosting. Thanks for any info.

A program running on machine "A" can not directly write a file on machine
"B". To do that there should be some program running on "B" which is
capable communicating with the program "A" and perform the file write.
This can be an NFS server, FTP server or something like that.

Because you can upload static HTML files to server "B" I assume that you
can use the module Net::FTP in your CGI program to put to generate the
html doc file locally and then PUT ftp to the other machine.

There is no way to simply "save" the file to the other machine.


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