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EMS Agency with no CGI luck

Date: 2002/02/27 10:46

Dear Peter,

We need your help. I have built this page in Dreamweaver for our Ambulance
service, but can't get the form to work.

Our page is http://www.hatzolah.com/equip.html [this domain on a UNIX
server has no CGI]

but -- we want to use our CGI server on our other account www.hatzolah.org
to power the (above) site (form). Can this be done?

Can this be set up? We have UNIX on our other (www.hatzolah.org site.)

I have no one else to ask. This is a great service!!

We need some help.

Scott - *NAME-DELETED*2001@cfl.rr.com

When a form contains data and the user presses the submit button the data
is sent to the web server that is named in the form ACTION field. On your
page this is


that you have to change to


or something like that. If you do that the cgi script on the other machine
will start.

I can also see that the method is GET, which may not be suitable for that
amount of data you have.


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