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Shopping Cart

Date: 2002/02/26 09:13

i have to make a simple shopping cart.The shopping cart should be able to
perform the following tasks1. Create a dynamic product information page
2. Track user urchases from page to page
3. Accept personal billing information from user and store it, along with
purchases into files into a database.
4. Send email conformation to user.
5. Perform some sort of statistic reporting to either user or shop owner.

i have a linux machine with apache web server.Please help me out as i need
help very urgently
I advice you to use the simplest ever readily available perlshop script.
It is called perlshop. I do not know the URL, but will be able to ti find
it using google.

If this is a homework issue, then the reson for homeworks is to help you
learn and not that the work is actually done.


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