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Date: 2002/06/03 13:42

Hi Peter,
A Statement,"C's compactness and coherence is mainly due to the
fact that it is a one man language".
Referring the above statement why is 'C' a compact and coherent
language.Give Ex

This is more a language philosophy question than programming. C is compact
and hard to read for the novice compared to the languages of the same age,
like PASCAL and Algol. PASCAL has keywords BEGIN/END while C uses { and }.
This is much more cryptic. C has a preprocessor that allows programmers to
write obfuscated code. PASCAL or Algol does not. In C this is not the
language the forces you to write readable code. On the other hand: if you
have a multi-men, large scale project you need coding standards to follow
when you cone in other languages as well.

Contrary: there are languages, like Perl or APL, which are much more
compact and much more "one man language".


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