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Getting user's name,id,domain info

Date: 2002/02/21 09:20

I have this network where most of the computers are running win NT SP 6.
When you log on, you need to provide:
1. Provide ID number - alphanumeric
2. Provide Password
3. Select Domain
I am interested in capturing the ID number plus the name for that ID
number and also the domain name.

Is there a way for me to do this using C/C++?How?

Thanks a million
Well, your question is not absolutely clear for me. If you want to know
from a program, who the user is executing the program, the answer is yes.
You can get the id of the user (the SID) and you can also get the login

I do not know by heart how to do it, but certainly it is well documented
in the MSDN CD set and is freely available over the net.


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