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Pipe Delimited files

Date: 2002/02/21 09:18


I've been all around the Net looking for an answer to (what I believe) is
a very simple question.

I'd like to use Profile Manager (from Interlogy). It's registration form
creates a pipe delimited file with registered users' information.
However, its search features leave A LOT to be desired. So, I'd like to
find a simple cgi script that searches a pipe delimited file and prints
the results to HTML using a template and/or simple tags.

I use ReadsCSV on my other sites (it uses comma sep. files) and it works
great. But altering the program has turned out to be a nightmare.

Could you suggest a freeware program to me or look at the original ReadCSV
script so it may be altered?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


I assume that the ReadCVS script is a Perl script. If you send here the
script or give an URL where I can see the source fo the script I would be
pleasurede to give some advice how to alter that script.


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