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Path to Perl

Date: 2002/02/20 10:16

I am trying to upload a freeware cgi search engine
I have tried running the 'Auto-Installation', but with only failing
attempts. My webspace is hosted by Mindspring, and is a free service as
well. Mindspring's tech support says the servers run cgi, but I don't
know the "Path to Perl". Tech support doesn't seem to know either. I
have tried all of the obvious things...chmod to 755 and /usr/bin/perl
settings I could find posted on the net. I have uploaded in ASCII format
and nothing seems to be working. All I get when linking to the test
program is essentially .txt format. Please review and any advice is
GREATLY appreciated.
(different test program)..but with same lack of results!
Thank you!!
I tried


and it answered that

You don't have permission to access
/cgi-bin/MasterPreInstallationTester.cgi on this server.

which may mean that the script has wrong permissions, the Perl interpreter
has wrong permissions. It may also happen that the directory where the
script is not configured to be CGI directory.


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