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Perl, mySQL database and FrontPage

Date: 2002/02/20 10:03


I am a newbie to Perl scripts.

I am writing a webpage in FrontPage but also want to include Perl 5.004
scripts which access a mySQL database as I am running on a Unix server.

I have two questions:

1. I want a different thought of the day to appear on the website
everyday. I have created a mySQL database that has a table called THOUGHT
which holds 20 thoughts and each has it's own unique id which is an
autonumber. Can you help me with the Perl script I need to write for this?

2. I want to send documents to the server via the web browser interface
and input their details into the database. I know that I can't hold the
actual deocument (e.g. Word) in the database, but I can hold the path
name. I was hoping to use a form on the webpage which lets you attach a
document and enter details about it which are input into the database. On
another page I want to then be able to display the documents as hyperlinks
to open them. Do you have any idea how I can do this?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


1. Yes I can help you, however this does not mean that I am going to write
it for you. I have no time for that. Try to write it and if you have
questions ask them and I will try to answer.

2. As a matter of fact you can store whole documents in the MySQL
database, though it may not be a good choice. I recommend that you store
the uploaded files in a directory and provide URL to those directory
programmatically or allowing the web server to browse the directory files.


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