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Installing and running a cgi search engine

Date: 2002/02/17 01:33

I'm installing a Xavatoria cgi based search engine on my site and can't
get it to run. I think I'm not writing the correct addresses to my cgi
bin and (I've tried changing the directions many times, but keep getting a
500 error code), my site is http://www.compaisa.com and I am including my
user name: compaisa31m and password: 1019200190615 in case you need FTP to
check it out for yourself. Please help me with this. I asked my hosting
service provider for help, but they only provided me with the following
url: http://www.compaisa.com/cgi-bin/servercheck.cgi Thank you for
anything you can do to help me.
I tried to fix it, but I could not. The server is reachable very slow from

Certainly there are syntax errors in the file that I have corrected (but
then I restored the old version).

Sorry, this would require certainly more time than that I have now.


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