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Date: 2002/02/16 12:24

Hi Peter,
I am new to this area and have been on the net search for some guidance,
but mostly I found was scripts and tutorials. I hope you can answer me a
few questions.

I am trying to create forms that users can fill out and have information
dynamically response back. This required CGI (or so I read). But how do
I creat CGI? Not asking the Administrator or the web host because I am
alone in this. I can have a PC acts as a server, but what CGI software do
I need? Are there free wares? How to install? etc... In short, how do I
built a CGI-BIN on my own.
Please advise, it would be greatly apprecitated.


First of all you need a web server and some programming language tool that
can execute CGI programs. There is not too much requirement on these but
tho be able to read the standard input of the process, write the standard
output and to get access to environment variables.

The language can be compiled like C or interpreted like Perl. CGI scripts
are usually written in Perl or PHP and only in rare cases in C.

I can recommend that you use ScriptBasic because I wrote that language for
the beginner using either Windows or Linux. It already includes a web
server and is easy to configure, well documented.


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