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cgi perl script broken

Date: 2002/02/15 09:34

Hi Peter,

I have a script that worked fine for some years on another server Broken since moving to Earthlink. It's a modified guestbook script from
Matt's archive.

Earthlink says the script needs to be in the cgi directory but I get 500
error with it there.

url is http://www.go2zero.com
signup list is at http://www.go2zero.com/signers.htm


they say "After the scripts are uploaded, the execute bit must be set
before they can be used. Request this by contacting EarthLink Web Support
by sending email to: startersite@earthlink.net. Remember, EarthLink does
not allow world-writable (777, 766, etc.) files in the cgi directory,
neither can script files be set to world-writable (777, 766, etc.). "

I made this request but is this just a matter of executing chmod? I did
that with WSFTP. Do you know what they're talking about?

I can't find anything in the cgi directory from my browser although I can
see the file with WSFTP

I have a copy of the script here (renamed with txt extension):
If you altered the permissions using WSFTP that was exactly what they were
talking about.

The reason for the internal error can be several reasons.

If the perl interpreter located at #!/usr/local/bin/perl

Is the file uploaded from a Windows NT or Win98 in binary mode? (Could be
the reason for the error.)

Actually the error itself talks about internal error, which mean that the
program is executed, but did not produce a result that the Apache could
interpret as a CGI program result. In other words: there is no issue with
the permission because the program was started.


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