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CGI editor

Date: 2002/02/11 20:41

I am being asked to do the following from a free cgi script provided on
the internet but i am unfamiliar with CGI script. How do i edit the cgi
file that was provided in the program.
Edit the subscribe.cgi file to meet your system's requirements.
The only required change to the script is setting the $BASEDIR


This must be set to the directory on your system where the letter
and mail list files will be located. Be sure to set the permissions
on this directory so that the script can write to it. (Either 775
or 777)
I am not quite sure what you ask, so don't be angry with me if I am
telling something that is obvious for you.

You extract the package on a UNIX system. You log into the system using
telnet or ssh. Edit the file using vi or vim or emacs editor, and set the
permission using the command chmod.


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