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Bignosebird's guestbook (bnbbook) script

Date: 2002/02/09 17:46

I installed bignosebird's guestbook (bnbbook 1.0) cgi script. There is
only one cgi script bnbbook.cgi script and one gbook.html scripts in the
zip file i downloaded. I split the html page (one for signing in the other
for viewing. It now prints the table and color on the html page but it
doesn't print the information written into the form. So it only prints the
variables i.e. Name:, address:, E-mail: etc does not print the information
put into it. All you see is the empty colored table with only the
variables printed.
What do I do? Please help.


Follow the instructions of BNB! Do not split the HTML file.


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