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gcc network programming

Date: 2002/02/09 17:36


Well i am doing this project with the Client-Server model. We are using

My Server is a multthreaded Java Server.

But the trouble is, i have to build a client in gcc(in Linux. I am
planning to use GTK or something similar for the GUI) that can send
messages to the server and also recieve messages. I suppose, I must go for
a multithreaded gcc client. COULD U PLEASE GIVE LINKS OF GOOD ONLINE

Better still, could u give me a sample, simple gcc multithreaded client
code, which i can use as a sort of base to build something bigger and
complex later? A small gcc client source code, perhaps?

Thank You,
Why use gcc?

Download the free Java source written in C and write the client in Java.

I cannever understand why some insist on using a special language. There
may be reason for that, but for a client application, I see no reason. You
could even write that in Perl, or TCL, whatever you know the best.

Ok. http://scriptbasic.com is written in C and has multithread
application: a web server. It is LGPL and has some really cool filesys.c
file implementing really a huge number of system calls for Linux/UNIX and
Windows NT portable.

Try to learn from that. I know no better than that.


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