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Script installation

Date: 2002/02/09 17:29

Hello Peter!

I've been trying to install a password protection script on my site,
(windows server) (Password Redirect V3.0) but I keep getting the same
error, I thing the problem is that there is some kind of protection in my
server, I think so because the pearl script works fine until it has to
look for the file where the information is stored (password.log) it gives
me a message acces denied!
the location of the adduser is:
username a
password a

(simple!!! right?)

After you try to add a user it gives you the error!!!
Could you help me to make this work!
if you need information to acces the ftp site let me know

Thanks for the help!!!

You can look at the configuration of IIS to see what the name of the user
is that the web server is running. This is usually IUSR_MACHINENAME

That very user has to have access to that file. However if you ever use
BASIC or Microsoft Challenge-response authentication than the Windows NT
domain user authentication itself is the user that the server uses to
access control. Actually when the authentication string is sent to the
server it logs in the name of that user into the system and opens a
security toke for the thread in the name of that user.

These are the Windows NT users that have to have access to that file.


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