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Session ID

Date: 2002/02/09 17:21


My name is *NAME-DELETED* and i have a question regarding session ID, i saw in
some web site that when you go to that web site (eg. amazon.com) ..they
directly assign a session id to you, either they assign it in Query String
or input type hidden, etc... do you know what do they use?
do they use SSI? if they do ... do you know how?
or is there anything to do with the web server? if it is ...do you know
how to set it up in apache?

Thank You very much.
I really appreciate it.

They use ASP, program CGI in Perl, use SSI, write their own web server in
C, or use an Apache module. I can not recall the name, because I have
never used it, but there is a session module for the Apache as well.

Microfot ASP provides such a feature autimatically.


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