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Can Perl do that

Date: 2002/02/05 15:05

I have to apologize if I'm about to ask silly question.

Let's say, in one company, we have varieties of forms and some require
serial numbers and some don't. I wish to have an internal server for form
purposes, probably for HR Dept to serve better.

I would be so grateful if I could have your opinion that in this case, an
internal Web server to be deployed with perl handling these form services.

I have to admit that I do not know perl, and I'm about to choose it as an
option to develop in order to reach my target. Although I know that my
target can be achieve with probably VB, or Access, but since I have a
feeling that Perl can do that too, that's the reason why I'm writing in
for your expertise.

I'm also wondering how the database of forms submitted would look like,
and frankly I do hope that Perl will stand great in this requirement.

Thank you so much in advance. Thank you.


Access is a simple database handling system, and PC Windows client to ODBC
databases, amnd thus not a good choice for Web application.

VB usually stands for VisualBasic, which is also not a web server
development tool by itself. Windows NT IIS can use BASIC language for
server side scripting and that can utilize COM object that may happen to
be developed in VisualBasic.

Perl is definitely a good choice for Web development, but it requires more
expertise than ASP BASIC scripting. This means that you have to pay a
higher price for the programmer. On the other hand the programs can run
not only on Windows NT but Linux and other flavours of UNIX.

Usinf ASP you can access any database that is ODBC compliant via the ADO
COM object database access mechanism. From Perl you can access any ODBC
database, but also proprietary databases like PostrgreSQL, MySQL, ORACLE
in a native way (some of these also support ODBC).

Last but not least for the very purpose I developed a language freely
usable and available via http://scriptbasic.com which is a BASIC language
thus simple to program and can execute CGI programs on both Windows NT and
Linux and other UNIX programs. It is not so widely used as Perl, but is a
much more simple language (and thus finding programmer may be cheaper).
This language however currently only supports only ODBC and MySQL.


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