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free cgi hosting with send mail working

Date: 2002/02/04 16:54

Hello, sorry to bug you, but you know how it is in the chat room's, can't
get help at all, so you are my last hope.

Well I have been playing around with html for awhile now, and know it good
enough to do anything i need to do.

Well since I know html pretty good, I'm wanting to learn more things about
the web, so I'm trying out cgi.
Well since I'm just playing around with it, I am looking for a free host
that I can use that has a cgi-bin, but also lets me use sendmail. most
place i have looked at has send mail turned off, either that or i'm not
doing something right. So i was wanting to know if you knew any free host
that does let you use cgi with send mail working. Thanks.

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