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calling a cgi from within another cgi

Date: 2002/02/04 10:42

Hello Peter,

I have a classifieds program that is written in perl. It includes a
simple banner rotator, but I want to use a different one that will track
impressions and click throughs. I have the banner rotator all set up and
it works from the home page(non-cgi) but I can't figure out how to call
the banner program from within the classifieds program.

The classifieds program uses templates. I am able to edit the html of
these templates to get the general layout of the generated pages. Using a
ssi to call the banner program does not work inside the classifieds

I also have been trying to get the "executer.cgi" from www.smartcgis.com
to work but it does not work either.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



If the banner rotator program that you use from HTML is included into the
HTML page via server side include then you can not do that from C*NAME-DELETED*I
programs. The HTML page displayed in the browser when a cgi program is
called is the HTML page that the cg prints to standard output. However
this goes through the web server program transparent. When an HTML file is
referenced, which is stored on this (as opposed to cgi program output) the
web server scans the HTML file to discover server side includes and
processes those before sending the HTML to the client. This does not
happen in case of a cgi program

What you have to do is to implement the banner rotation into the script
that generates the page, or use a banner rotator that can work without SSI


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