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cgi error

Date: 2002/05/31 17:35

Dear Peter,
Currently i have try a cgi script. It is about when i fill up a form, it
will extract the form information and send it to my e mail account.
i get the sample source code form bignosebird webpage.

However, when i click on send, the message promt out saying that "unable
to run mail program"
why is it happen? How to solve it?

I am not very sure the server is Unix or Linux.i think cgi script can run
on both of this platfrom.

Beside that, i was unable to telnet to my site to doing the chmod 755. Is
it important that i must do this step? But this is only for webmaster to
write and read only, right?

Please help, and thank you.


you should certainly be sure that the server is Linux or UNIX. If this is
NT then you can not use the SENDMAIL option of the BNB script, only SMTP
directly. In that case you have to know the name of the SMTP server and
you have to be sure that the service provider will allow you to send mail
from that machine.

The 'chmod 775' command on a UNIX machine sets the file permission so that
the owner of the file has all the permissions (read, write and execute),
while others have only read and execute permission. The read permission is
needed to execute the program in case of scripts. Execute without read
permission is enough if the file is a compiled program.

To know if the permission is the issue or something else (I guess that
this is not the issue, based on the error message you wrote) try some
simple "hello word" program to run first.


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