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Date: 2002/01/31 10:30


I am relatively new to C, but have some experience in C++ and JAVA. I have
been tasked to set up a banking card authorisation server (W2K)which is
required to perform an API call through an in-house DLL, and access an MS
SQL Server 7.0 database read/write using ODBC or DAO.

Could you give me some help on the code required as I cant seem to find
any clear examples, only ones of WIN API usage which I fear is not the
same. I have used API in VB as well as ODBC so I am not new to these
aspects, just the C code.

Much greatful for any help.

I just have uploaded ScriptBasic v1.0b28 to www.scriptbasic.com a few
weeks ago. This new version supports ODBC connections. This is implemented
in an external module. ScriptBasic and external modules are written in C.
Download the source and you will find the ODBC module. That may give you a
jump start as example code.

Other than that: read the manual of ODBCv2.0 from Microsoft.it hsould also
be available on the Internet.


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