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BNB's nomodomo script

Date: 2002/01/31 10:26

I have been pulling my hair out trying to install this script on my web
site's server. The server is Windows 2000, which means I can't chmod
anything, but everytime I attempt to call the admin script in my browser
it tells me the base directory does not have write permissions turned on
and that I need to chmod777 it. Arrgh!! If you could offer any help, I'd
REALLY appreciate it! I guess the biggest problem is getting the
basedirectory to point at the right place...
Thank you!
If this is a permission problem, then you really have to understand the
Windows security setting before starting to correct this. Windows has a
much more complex and sophisticated security system than that of UNIX.
This is not just "set the permission to chmod 777" on Windows.

To test that this is really a permission issue set the permission on the
directory "Everybody=Full Control". This is equivalent to "chmod 777"
under Linux. This means that anyone can do anything with the script. Thus
I do not recommend this as a final setting on a production server.

You have to check the "user" that the webserver runs on. It is usually a
pseudo user starting with the name "IUSR_". This user has to have the
appropriate read/write/execute rigth on the directory and on the files
along with the SYSTEM user.


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