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writing to text files

Date: 2002/01/31 10:13

i just want to make a form and send the information to a text file, but no
online. I would like to be able to do this just on my computer. I was
wondering if that is possible. What i mean is taking the information from
the form and putting it in a text file, but just on my harddrive, no

Step#1: If you have an Ethernet card then it is ok. If not then you have
to install a Microsoft loopback adapter driver, that emulates a network
card that is attached to a network where your computer is the only one.

Step#2: Having some network adapter installed install the TCP/IP network.

Step#3: Install Personal Web Server (PWS).

Step#4: Install ActiveState Perl on top of PWS.

Start the browser and test your scripts. The URL is going to be or something like that.

Well, I assumed that you have some Windows. If you have Linux the story
may be quite different.


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