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about network programming.

Date: 2002/01/31 09:56

hello sir!

well, i am an amateur in networking field.Rite now i am learing
networking OSs like Novell Netware, Windows NT/2000.I am very much
interested in making a network application. I have decided to make a text
based chat system using C language.The Logic of my application is like
this : the chat engine will be residing in the server side.Different users
will connect the server through network.The server program will
authenticate the users and finally allow then users connected to the chat
engine to chat with each other.Sir rite now i am having knowledge of C
language under windows OS environment.Please tell me how to Execute this
entire project properly by stating all the prerequisites for development.I
want to make this project in Windows environment not in linux or unix.
Please tell me how to do socket programming.
please guide me to reach the target. I'll be very thankful to u.
reply anticipated
What you need is socket programming. I do not say that this is fairly
simple, but not too complicated. There is only a slight difference between
Windows and UNIX socket programming, thus you can learn any you know the

As a first example I believe that the chat is a bit too complex. Start to
learn simpler examples.

Search socket programming tutorials on the net.


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