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Spider program in Perl script

Date: 2002/01/28 08:12

Can you help me to write a full spider program in Perl script for building
a search engine website? I hope you will reply to me personally through my
email address as soon as possible. Thank you!


Dear Peter,
Can you explain the meaning of each line of the program so that I can tell
the function of each line to my lecturer? Is this a copied program from
some other source or you've just written it by yourself? I ask this
question because if my lecturer found out that I copied this program and
it's not my work, then I will fail my project. Can you help me to add
chatting, graphics, animation, music, filtering and email to the spider
program that you've just given me? I also hope you'll explain which
program is for chatting, music, animation, etc? Hope to hear from you
Thank you very much!
No way!

I pointed you to a program that I wrote and that I believe easy to read,
clear in architecture, well documented. This is all I should do to help
you. Performing any of the tasks you ask from me is not help but to block

The major aim is not that you have the program, but that you gain the
knowledge by creating the program. If the program afterall is used, then
that is extra luck. I will not do your homework, because I truly believe
that would harm you.

So: understand what the program does so that you can tell the function of
each line to the lecturer. Anyway: you just could not seriously think that
I am going to explain in written form all the few hudred lines of code.

Is it a copied program? Answer: take your time to read the documentation
and do NOT skip the licence! This is a GNU GPL program so it is legally
prohibited to tell your teacher it was made by you.

I can help you on this forum, if you have specific questions, I may be
able to answer that. But you have to sweat for your own knowledge!

You may not know, but I am myself an external lecturer at TU Budapest.


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