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Showing how many people on the chat

Date: 2002/01/27 10:27

I would like to be able to show at the login page, before getting to the
chat (bluechat), how many people are allready logged in. I hardly know any
CGI coding but was able to configure the Bluesparks chat (2.4 I think) so
it works on our site. So if it is not too difficult I think I'd be able to
handle it.

Unfortunately I do not know the program you mention and thus I can not
answer this question. I am not allowed to devote more than 5 minutes for
each question to ansswer and it would require at least an hour to search
the script you use, download it, look at the code, understand.

I propose that you try to learn a bit of CGI programming and try to
understand the script and alter it acording to your needs. If you get
stuck with some issues, then do not hesitate to ask, but please provide
sample code, where you think the error may be or is relevant regarding the
bug, and provide URL-s directly pointing to pages and codes to download to
save my time searching the net.


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