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Running a CGI script from HTML

Date: 2002/01/25 19:38

My ISP said they allow CGI scripts. However,
they do not permit the use of the "exec" command
for security reasons. In other words, they do
NOT allow calling a script from HTML in the
following way:
<--#exec cgi="path_to_file/file.pl"-->

The only alternative they gave me is to use
PHP. I'm not familiar with PHP or perl but is
there a way to run free perl scripts from HTML
under the restriction imposed by my ISP ? My ISP
uses UNIX. They created a cgi directory for me
when I signed up for web hosting. The name of
my ISP is CoreComm.com and they are based in the

You can put the whole Perl script into that directory and it has to
generate all the HTML code that the page will contain along with headers.

It actually has to be a CGI program. I can not write in whole details what
to do, because that would be a CGI tutorial. Find one on the net and learn
how to write CGI programs in Perl.


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