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quote request form not woking properly-need to fix ASAP

Date: 2002/01/25 19:23

I reeeallly need help! My site www.specializedshipping.com if you go to
quote page and enter info in the fields marked as required-you get an
error message. Originally this form was set up with Bignosebird.com
bnbform v3.0 to require most of what was on the form. Some of my clients
complained that too much to enter so I tried to reduce the amout of
required info. I did not make the original form and I think I may have
really screwed things up trying to make the changes. I made the changes
using dreamweaver 3.0. If you need access to my page please let me know I
will provide info.

Would really appreciate the help.
I am afraid that you have left some of the required fields in the code but
the user has no chance to provide that because the form does not contain
the filed to fill in.

If you trust me give me the parameters and I can give it a try to fix the


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